Cornelia-Adriana Baciu
International Peace and Security, Strategy & Research Methods 

Cornelia-Adriana Baciu  

PhD Candidate in Politics and International Relations

Cornelia-Adriana Baciu is final year PhD Candidate in Politics and International Relations at the School of Law and Government, Dublin City University (DCU) and Government of Ireland Postgraduate Fellow. Her current research focuses on international security, civil-military relations, strategy, military transformation and European security and defence. She lectured Research Methods and Theories of International relations to BA students at DCU and Irish Defence Forces at Maynooth University. Her research was published in international journals and open-source publications. Cornelia is affiliated with the Institute for International Conflict Resolution and ReconstructionDCU Brexit Institute and Association pour les Études sur la guerre et la stratégie (AEGES) Paris.  

Prior to joining DCU, Cornelia was pre-doctoral fellow of the ZEIT-Stiftung Hamburg and worked as a Risk Analyst at a crisis management company in Konstanz. She studied Politics and European Studies in Germany, India and Romania and was DAAD-Erasmus fellow at the Terrorism Prevention Branch, United Nations. She was awarded the with the LSRS Prize for the Best Romanian Research Student in Europe and and the VEUK-Prize for her MA thesis at the University of Konstanz. 

Cornelia is founding Director of the transnational Research Network on European Security and Strategy. In 2019, her co-edited book "Peace, Security and Defence Cooperation in Post-Brexit Europe. Risks and Opportunities" was published. 


European Strategic Autonomy and Transatlantic Relations

22 October 2018 | European Union Institute, Florence

This was part of the three-day seminar on "European Security: Old Trends and New Realities", organised by the Robert Schumann Centre and the Global Governance Programme at the European Union Institute, Florence, Italy. The seminar encompassed lectures and simulations. The full programme is available here

The Interplay Between Exogenous and Endogenous Sources of Military Transformation

12-15 September 2018 | EISA Conference, University of Economics, Prague

This paper investigated the causal mechanism between exogenous and endogenous sources of institutional change and transformation of security and defence institutions in insecure states, and was part of the Panel "Civil-Military Relations and Change in Security Institutions". Details here

ECPR Panel Chair: The Future of European Security and Defence Post-Brexit

22-25 August 2018 | ECPR Conference, University of Hamburg, Germany

This Panel aimed at generating an academic discussion on security and defence transformation in Europe post-Brexit. A detailed Panel description can be found here. My paper proposed a conceptual model encompassing theoretical proportions from regime and game theory to test the level of strategic convergence between EU and UK and make predictions on the potential for future cooperation. I was also a Discussant in the Panel "Perspectives on Europe's Security and Defence Policy", details here

Security and Defence Cooperation in the 21st Century: What Issues, What Models?

26 June 2018 |  Institut de Recherche Stratégique de l'Ecole Militaire, Paris

This conference attempted to conceptualize modern forms of cooperation in the matter of security and defence, such as PESCO, EU-NATO framework and bilateral agreements. My paper proposed the theory of international /transnational collaborative security and defence regimes to conceptualize new forms of security cooperation. This theory was empirically tested using Germany and Romania as case studies. The full conference programme is available here

Multilateralism and Interdependence: Prospects and Challenges

02 May 2018  | Royal Irish Academy, Dublin

This conference discussed the challenges facing multilateral institutions and the processes of cooperation between states. My paper presented a new methodology to analyse the transformation of security, defence and foreign policy applying Ireland as a case study. The full conference programme is available here

IPSA RC44 International Conference on Military and Democratisation

04-05 July 2017 | Christchurch, New Zealand
The conference provided a platform for discussion on the changing role of the military in the contemporary world order. The presented papers focused in particular on the role of armed forces in democratisation and security.  

Institutional Affiliation

Institute for International Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction (IICRR)
School of Law and Government
Dublin City University


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